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Longevity Spinach: Unlock the Potential

Longevity Spinach: Unlock the Potential: Health Benefits & its Nutrients A Short Video Longevity Def. Gynura bicolor (Okinawan spinach, cholesterol spinach, longevity plant) This plant is known as Gynura procumbens, or “sayur sambung nyawa” in Indonesia, and “sambung hayat” in Malaysia, which translates to “life continuity vegetable”. It grows as a leafy green vine and is […]

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Garlic Green – Immatured Nutrients

Garlic Green – A Healthy Nutrient & Nice Antioxidant (हरे लहसुन को स्प्रिंग गार्लिक भी कहा जाता है) Hare Lahasun in Hindi and Tamil Pachai Poondu Table of Contents Green garlic, also called spring garlic, is harvested before it fully matures into cloves. It possesses a small bulb and lacks the distinct cloves found in

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