About Me: Unleashing Creativity - A Journey Through My Passion

In the realm of endless stories, let me share my tale woven with threads of creativity and passion. “About Me” isn’t just an introduction; it’s a journey into the artistic core behind my words, a path marked by dedication and fueled by a burning desire to create.

After facing two heart attacks, low blood pressure, and diabetes, my health became a major concern. Despite following strict diets and taking prescribed medications, there was no significant improvement. I tried various options like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Acupuncture, seeking alternatives. It was then that I stumbled upon WELLNESS, specifically NEODYMIUM BIO WELLNESS, recommended during my explorations. A twenty-four-year-old friend also suggested incorporating leafy vegetables and trying my hand at gardening.

This sparked my interest in green-leaf vegetables, leading to the initiation of my kitchen garden, where leafy greens took center stage. This simple journey became a turning point in my health pursuit.

My Life

From the age of 18, my life journey began, starting a job with a monthly income of 100 Rs., equivalent to one dollar now. During those days, I used to indulge in a bit of drinking every Saturday, and smoking was my favorite pastime. I’d go through at least 4 packs of cigarettes, each containing 10, by the time I reached 32. Surprisingly, my teeth started falling out, and despite visits to dentists and doctors, no one could pinpoint the cause. Sometimes, detecting sugar in the body can be tricky.

Food was a big part of my life, thanks to my mom who taught me how to cook. I enjoy experimenting with new dishes every week. However, cooking can be a challenge at times due to the high cost of ingredients. Despite working hard, my salary has never crossed 15,000 Rs., just 180 dollars a month. I take up some part-time jobs, but they pay very little.

From 9 AM to 7:30 PM, I worked diligently as a Sales Representative, bringing in good business. However, my employers never reciprocated with a decent salary; all I got was a pat on the back and a “GOOD.” I don’t have any influential relatives or political connections, and my circle of friends is limited to just two. My life revolves around my wife, daughter, and son.

Honestly, I’ve traveled to every corner of India for marketing, feeling that it presented the most opportunities. Despite the challenges, I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy my life. I work hard to stay physically fit, control my diet, and nurture new leaves in my garden, keeping the spirit alive every day.

My Health

Up until the age of 51, I had relatively good health, with no major issues except for having artificial teeth installed on the top and bottom of my mouth. However, around that time, I noticed a change. My appetite seemed to increase, leading me to indulge in rich, spicy, and oily foods. Smoking became more frequent, and I limited my drinking to ONLY Saturdays.

Being in the field of marketing, I extensively traveled on my two-wheeler, covering distances of 300 to 400 km, making stops to meet clients, and sometimes returning home well into the midnight hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of riding a two-wheeler. Trips to North India for work allowed me to taste a variety of new foods, and everything seemed fine.

Then, on a seemingly normal morning during my routine marketing rounds, after covering about 110 km to find new customers, I began to feel uneasy on my way back. I managed to reach my office but decided to leave early due to the discomfort. Once home, while typing my report the next day, I experienced more uneasiness. Concerned, I visited a doctor with my wife, and to our surprise, he informed her that I had suffered a heart attack the day before.

I was immediately admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, and as you may well know, the subsequent events unfolded as expected.

At the age of 59, I experienced my second heart attack. It happened on my way back from Ooty (Nilgiri) after visiting a factory about 150 KM away from my home. I managed to ride my two-wheeler through the pain to reach home. Soon after, I was admitted to the hospital for the second time. The doctor, quite grimly, advised my family to gather all near and dear ones, suggesting I might not live beyond three days. Those 48 hours were the most challenging of my entire life. Miraculously, I survived, and it seemed that even fate wasn’t ready to let me go. But does this mean I’ve become a changed person? Unfortunately not. I still indulge in smoking, a routine that persists just as it did before.

Cultivating Wellness: A Journey from Factory Floors to Lush Greenery

In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I made a pivotal decision to swap the confines of an office for the dynamic environment of my friend’s factory. Embracing the role of a supervisor, the physical demands of the job not only improved my overall fitness but also infused me with newfound energy and productivity.

Taking advantage of my ground-floor living arrangement, I embarked on a mission to grow my own vegetables, focusing particularly on the bounty of leafy greens. Transforming my Sundays and holidays into moments dedicated to nurturing potted plants, I aspired to cultivate organic produce for a healthier diet. My goal was to simplify the cultivation process, making it accessible to all.

The journey commenced with the planting of spinach, or Palak, from seeds, and to my delight, it flourished. Encouraged by this success, I delved deeper into the realm of leafy greens, discovering the vast array of native, herbal, and common leaves that could thrive in my garden.

Inspired by this newfound passion, I decided to channel my love for writing into articles. Despite facing rejection when submitting to various publications, I persevered and opted to create my own platform—a blog. After extensive research on platforms like YouTube and other articles, I invested my savings into hosting a website. Two years later, I proudly penned articles on “Neodymium: A Wellness Bio Magnet” and “Leafy Green Bites.” While the former is a concise piece, the latter is a testament to the wealth of information waiting to be explored in the world of leafy greens.

As I delved into the wonders of native leaves and herbs, I realized that the journey was far from over. India, with its rich tapestry of villages and farmlands, boasts an abundance of leafy greens, creating an endless source of inspiration. The confusion surrounding herbs and their uses only fueled my determination to continue exploring and sharing my discoveries.

Crafting a Nutrient-Rich Diet: A Personal Journey with Leafy Greens

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I ventured into the world of leafy greens, cultivating a vibrant garden that would ideally supply a variety of nutrient-packed greens for my daily meals. As I delved deeper into the realm of nutrition, I realized the importance of tailoring my diet to maximize the benefits of these leafy wonders.

Initially, I attempted to create a structured diet plan based on the expertise of nutritionists. However, the intricacies of balancing nutrients proved to be a challenging feat. Undeterred, I decided to adopt a more intuitive approach. Daily, I incorporated different types of green leaves into my meals, drawing from both my garden and the local market. Given the limitations of my garden’s production capacity, approximately 60% of my leafy greens came from market purchases.

A key aspect of my dietary routine involves consuming at least one or two servings of a particular leaf, either cooked, eaten raw, or finely chopped and mixed with rice or curry. This strategy ensures that I derive the full spectrum of benefits from each leaf, harnessing their nutritional value in diverse ways. I’ve come to appreciate the distinct advantages of consuming certain leaves in their raw form rather than through cooking, a practice I’ve integrated into my daily routine.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this information is shared for informational purposes only. Crafting a personalized diet should be approached with caution, and seeking advice from a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist, is imperative. Each individual’s health needs are unique, and a tailored approach ensures the most effective and safe dietary choices.

Please, wish me all the luck.

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